Sunday, May 20, 2012


Wow... time has really flown by. I haven't made a post in such a long time. My sisterlocks are now just over 9 months old. I love them! They have definitely began to take on a "life of their own".

A few weeks ago, I washed my locs without braiding, banding, or twisting them. It was a disaster.My hair shrunk up afterwards and became very matted. I straightened the locks out a little with my CHI (my vice) and then twisted them again to get them curly again.

My sisterlocks consultant hasn't answered her phone in over two weeks so on Tuesday I have scheduled an appointment with another loctician in the area. I feel guilty and disloyal... but I have to get my hair taken care of ASAP.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eastern Wig & Hair Co. 1400

I have put strange women's hair on my head through the course of braids, weaves, glue, thread, twists, wigs etc. I love my natural hair, but the majority of popular culture tells me to hate it. I drove into downtown Detroit the day that I got my sisterlocks installed and took the picture to the right. Although I love my sisterlocks, and my natural hair, I always waiver between feeling somehow "less" beautiful without the long, flowy, silky hair that I have always been told is more beautiful. My grandmother, in her mid-80s, does not think my hair is beautiful and vocalizes this. My sister called me a "black mop". My father shakes his head in disdain. I will teach my children to love themselves, without doubt or reservation. The fact that this business is closed, building deserted, is a service to the Black community.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sisterlocks - Week 12 WARNING

I am fearful that I have been OVER MANIPULATING my hair.

What does over manipulate mean, you may ask...

Well, I have a dirty little secret. I have been using my CHI flat iron on my hair. I am not straightening my locs, per say. I am just pulling the loc through the flat iron so that my lenghth will show. I don't use the flat iron all the way down the shaft of the loc, only through the loc'd portion. With all of my knowledge of hair, I know this isnt healthy for my hair in general or locs. I also am afraid of disturbing the locing and maturation process of my hair. Word to the wise - don't start using any heat on your new locs. Try braid outs, twists, cornrolls, or rollers if you dont want your hair to shrink. These options are more time consuming, but I am certain it will be worth it in the long run.

I guess part of me is still growing out of the stage of "self - hatred" i.e the need to appear euorcentric with straight, long, silky hair. My family has always assoicated long hair with beauty, and short kinky hair with "ugliness". Over the holiday break my two older sisters made several negative references to my new locs. Honestly, it hurts. Identify and image complexes in the Black community are issues that truly run deep. I could write a disertation on those things...  but I wont.

I will say I am going to commit to no longer using heat on my hair. Tonight I spritzed my hair with water, parted, and braided. Hopefully braid outs with strech my hair, so I don't have that "shrunken" appearance, which I just can't cope with.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lovin It

Sisterlocks Week 8 - 10

I haven't updated my blog in sometime. I guess I have been feeling somewhat unmotivated. My sisterlocks continue to change, and mature. It's funny... each week they seem to do something totally different and new. Over the past 3 weeks I have been letting them "free flow". Usually with more hair parted to the right side of my head, I have been rocking the wild and free look. Loving every moment...

Unfortunately, a few locks in the front have begun to unravel. This is mainly due to the fact that I pressed the front portion of my hair out for cover ups for sew-in weaves for such a long time. The hair in this front section has a very loose curl pattern in comparison to the rest of my hair. I scheduled my retighetning for 6 weeks this time. I'm hoping my consultant will tighten these up!

I have been feeling very free, cute, wild, daring, beautiful, sexy, exotic, lovely, and natural over the past few weeks. However, to be completely honest, I am ready for length. I met a woman in Dallas, TX who I work with, she has had locks for about 8 years or so. She cut hers - I could hardly believe it. The pictures she showed me were beautiful, and her hair was all the way down her back. She said the locks became heavy over time. I don't think I ever want to cut my locks!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sisterlocks - 1st Retightening

October 20th marked my first retightening. I drove three hours across the state of Michigan to get to my appointment. (My out of town work schedule makes it difficult!) It seemed like a major inconvenience to take a little time off of work and drive six hours in one day just to get my hair done; however I found the drive relaxing in the midst of a hectic week and it gave me some much needed time to think, pray, and listen to random songs I did not know existed on my iPod. Good times.

My stylist still doesn't want me to wash my hair. Gross. It has already been 8 weeks. I don't think I can make it. She says that washing my hair at this point will cause "bunching" and make her job difficult at the next retightening appointment. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I think I will end up washing   my hair this weekend anyway. I was so looking forward to her giving me the "ok" to wash it. Instead, the first time that I do wash my locks will be tainted with guilt that I am not following my seasoned loctician's advice. Furthermore, she has suggested that I use Witch Hazel and a cotton ball to cleanse my scalp and locks. Again, I am not sure how I feel about this either. I am afraid that the Witch Hazel will dry my hair out! If I am going to use any products on my hair, its going to be shampoo and perhaps a little j-oil. It took her about two and a half hours to complete the retighetning (shorter than I expected), and my head is not sore. Well actually in a few spots, which are a little tender. I could tell right away that she combined a few locks at the very nape of my neck that were thin and kind of hanging there. I found it somewhat disappointing that she didnt tell me she did this, and I had to ask after she was complete.

My hair looks pretty good now that the new growth is under "control". I am too tired to post any pictures tonight, but once I snap a few I will post !

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sisterlocks Week 2 - Week 7

First "night out" with my locks.

Visiting Albuquerque, NM and finally getting my things!

Dow Gardens

The Gaylord Hotel in Nashville, TN